Press Release: 06/06/2019

Judge Cote Rescheduled the Initial Conference to 08/16/2019 for the Lawsuit against McConnell related to the Garland Nomination


Breaking News: Yesterday (06/05/2019), Equal Vote America Corp. (EVA) filed a Declaration on 2,226 Co-Plaintiffs Joining in the Action with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York regarding the captioned lawsuit (CASE # 1:19-cv-02346).

“As of June 5, 2019, 2,545 individuals from all 50 States and DC have signed the online affidavit (state-by-state breakdown attached on Page-3). A list of 2,226 co-plaintiffs is being submitted because these 2,226 individuals completed with all three required entries: Full Name, Full Address, and Email Address. The remaining signatures are not submitted because the entry of full address was incomplete.”

Today (06/06/2019), Judge Denise Louise Cote issued the following order:

Therefore, the Initial Conference has been rescheduled to 08/16/2019 at 11 AM, Courtroom 18B, 500 Pearl Street, New York, NY 10007.

As of today, over 2,600 Fellow Americans from all 50 states and DC have signed the Online Affidavit to join as co-plaintiffs in this lawsuit. Please Join Us !

Please note the following three entries as required for an online affidavit to be considered valid:

  1. Full name (same as voter registration)
  2. Full address (including house number, street name, city, state and zipcode)
  3. Valid email address

If you have not provided full address, please send email to at your earliest convenience in order to join the rank of co-plaintiffs.

This lawsuit against Mitch McConnell and Charles Grassley has been filed on the ground that their refusal to conduct any senate confirmation process for Chief Judge Garland’s nomination to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court represented a blatant breach of Separation of Powers,  a gross violation of Due Process, and a brazen suppression of the will of the majority voters voted for President Obama in the 2012 Election. 

Multiple news sources (CNN, Politico) reported on 05/28/2019 that McConnell said the Republican-controlled Senate would fill an opening seat on the Supreme Court of the United States if a justice were to die in 2020. This is in stark contrast with McConnell’s complete blockade of the Garland nomination by President Obama. Aside from the obvious hypocrisy and partisan power grab, McConnell’s own words added further evidence to support our lawsuit.


The Redress we are seeking is for the Court to Review and Declare that:



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Fellow Americans, ​

Referees have no right to change the existing rules which must be the same for every NBA basketball game, for every team, and for every player. If a referee manipulates the rules or even abuses his/her power, we must hold him/her accountable.

Join the Lawsuit as one of the co-plaintiffs by signing the Online Affidavit. Together, let’s defend the Constitution to ensure due process in all future senate confirmation, and prevent breach of Separation of Powers, violation of Due Process, and abuse of Power.


Equal Vote America Corp. (EVA) is an independent non-partisan non-profit organization founded to promote and fight for equal voting right guaranteed by the Constitution for all Americans.We are completely self-funded, and have never solicited or accepted any contribution from any source. The info of every signatory will never be used for any other purpose or shared with any party.